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At Bookkeeping your Bizzy Bizness we strive to provide excellent service. We build profitable long term relationships and handle our clients bizness as if it were our own.

We know that bookkeeping is one of the most tedious, yet one of the most important tasks of running your bizness. You can choose whether to spend your time handling your daily bookkeeping or building your bizzy bizness. Most bizness owners generally lack the time, knowledge and understanding or...

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Monday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 4:30pm
Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Bookkeeping Your Bizzy Bizness.

Michael Penny , Chief Operating Officer – Proteus Leadership Centres
Lauretta has been a pleasure to work alongside over the past few years. Her knowledge and attention to detail has been of great assistance to our business and its growth. Lauretta’s friendly nature together with her professionalism makes her an easy person to work with and an integral part of our team.
Steven Krause , Heidelberg Golf Club

BBYB have been looking after my books for nearly 2 years now. Since Lauretta and her team have taken over the time consuming and at times stressful parts of my business I have been able to concentrate on the areas that I do best. Thanks team! Regards,
Karyn Clarke , Connollys Flooring
Lauretta came to us almost a year ago now and it has resulted in a stress free year for us. She calmly and efficiently took control of our system which is now running efficiently and more importantly accurately with her help and direction. Lauretta has an answer for all our questions and nothing is left to chance. I can happily and do highly recommend Lauretta and Bookkeeping Your Bizzy Businessfor your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your bookkeeping too much to handle? WE’RE QUALIFIED TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! WE PROCESS BAS’S LEGALLY! (see ATO 251L statement) DO YOU NEED OUR SERVICES? Here at Bookkeeping your Bizzy Bizness, we like to make your life ezier, so it’s up to you how ezy you would like it to be. We have a choice of 1, 2 or 3 different services, but not forgetting we tailor it to suit your Bizness. Services - EZY 3 – Superior (Just About Everything) This is the most comprehensive bookkeeping support you will probably need. Including Ezy 1 & Ezy 2 Accounts Payable Maintain supplier account balances, we reconcile invoices against the statements each month and tell you what you need to pay, even write out cheques if need be, providing you with a checklist of your monthly expenses and dates to pay with an ageing report. Accounts Receivable Maintain customer account balances, prepare invoices to customers, we send statements to your clients at the end of each month .We chase up any overdue or irresponsible accounts. Seriously overdue accounts can be handed over to your debt collectors at your discretion. We notify you of any credits or overpayments that you may have. Provide you with an ageing report. Complete Payroll Maintain all your Personal information, new and existing, organise superannuation payments, your PAYG amounts, Workcover, reporting holiday and sick leave. Accruals Working closely with your accountant to ensure if any end of month accruals need to take place, payments, depreciation etc Monthly summary of Accounts Reconciling, checking, all accounts, providing Profit and Loss statements – monthly, quarterly. Yearly summary of accounts Preparation of year-end working schedules to pass onto your accountants, PAYG payment summaries. Job Costings Allows you to have accurate total cost and labour for each project, job ledger, job profitability. Administration Service Many of our clients need a little more than bookkeeping support, and want some help with basic office work. We do not believe that our work ends with transaction entry. We take a real interest in your business and wish to do all that we can to further your mission. We will gladly handle the functions that fall outside what would generally be considered bookkeeping. Some things we do for our clients include: Trips to the post office, Filing/photocopying/faxing, filling out forms and applications Banking Written correspondence What else? Pretty much whatever you need! Services - EZY 2 – Standard (Normal Stuff) We pick up your bank and credit card statements, supporting sales documents/ your sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts and statements, cheque details, deposit slips.. • All the above of course • Collate and file all your documentation • Payroll services • Accounts payable reconciliations • Accounts receivable reports • Monthly statements for your customers • Profit and Loss Statement • End of month reports – PAYG – Superannuation We supply collection folder’s / bags and boxes for transportation of your documents and ready to return to your office, you will receive all your supporting documentation in a folder, sorted, filed and ezy to reference should you need to retrieve anything. Services - EZY 1 – Simple (Easy Peezy) Fax or email us your bank statements, sales and cheque details and credit card statements each month. • We enter all transactions from all your information sent to us into our bookkeeping system • Reconciliations of all bank and credit card accounts • We notify your of any suspect transactions • Send you a copy of the file either through email or through our client transfer and return your documents BYBB has a range of other services and products available. Please refer to the menu on the left side of this page for more information. Offsite Consulting Offsite Consulting Currently we provide onsite, telephone, email and remote access support options. Many clients like to email their MYOB datafiles to us for checking before submitting their BAS statements. Others like to use “Remote Access” solutions where we use the internet to remotely take control of their computers to teach and solve problems. We are able to provide remote access support using Macintosh and Windows “Remote Access” software as well as the open source “VNC” software. All remote access systems have their own strengths and weakneses, and are only viable with broadband connections. For more information, please phone or email us. Macintosh and Windows PC’s. Certfied Consulting MYOB Certified Consultants are professionally endorsed individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skill and experience with MYOB products. To be admitted as a MYOB Certified Consultant, applicants must meet stringent selection criteria and submit to an annual review of their skills. Once admitted, MYOB Certified Consultants receive a continual flow of information, resources and knowledge from MYOB to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest product developments, tips and techniques. MYOB Certified Consultants are experts in: Installation Setup Customisation Bookkeeping Business needs analysis Monthly reviews Product demonstration One-on-one on-site training Contact us today – Bookkeeping Your Bizzy Bizness – PO Box 4450 Doncaster Heights Vic